Friday, April 11, 2008

Why us?

The past couple of weeks have been interesting for Fishfrog and I, so I just wanted to share some highlights of what we have been up to recently.

1) Fishfrog gets food poisoning while his in-laws are visiting.
2) The car mysteriously breaks down (not while being driven, thank god).
3) Nell has her second random fainting spell of this year and has the doctor run a bunch of tests to make sure she's not dying.
4) Car gets broken into AGAIN (almost exactly a year after the first time, by the way) while parked in our gated parking lot. It gets trashed and altogether they steel about $1500 worth of CD's and, ironically enough, an emergency window breaking hammer.
5) Car gets taken into the mechanic and altogether has $2000 worth of repairs, including broken window.
6) Nell gets jury duty which, if she gets picked, will be for a trial that could potentially take an entire month (a part of me wants to get picked, but still... a month)

People, I think my head may explode... seriously.