Monday, November 21, 2005

Islam in Russia

Apparently there is an surge in Islam in Russia. Russia has responded by keeping tabs on all Muslims not worshipping in state-sanctioned mosques. But check out this blurb from the NY Times:

Mr. Golayev, 36, said the Islam he observes is opposed to violence, but he warned that the mistreatment of believers was driving men like him to desperation.
"They will pressure me enough," he said, "and then I will blow somebody's head off."

In Mr. Golayev's defense, he has been detained four times in recent weeks. But still, for a religion "opposed to violence," he is awful quick to fall back on blowing someone's head off.


Blogger Xeno said...

I'm greatly surprised that a historically tolerant country like the USSR eerrr...Russia would have these kinds of problems.

2:43 PM  

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