Thursday, November 17, 2005

Announcing the winner

The winner of the invasion contest is CDawg. Congratulations! Your bag of Mega M&Ms will be available tomorrow. For everyone to inspect, here is CDawg's list and rationale:
Saudi Arabia
"I am sick of invading countries and then sending them a lot of money for the next 7 billion years. Lets invade some countries that are doing pretty well and help ourselves out."

Although I was not a big fan of England or Germany being on the list, CDawg recieved extra points for Saudi Arabia. His was the only list to include the Saudis, my personal arch enemy.
A close second was Xeno, whose list was quite good:
5)Japan(we need the cool gadgets)
4)Canada(bountiful cheese/Hocky!)
3)Mexico(Manifest destany/cheap labor)
2)Vietnam(they'll never see it commin)
1)China(we have lost focus on the dirty commies!)

Vietnam, I felt, was a genius inclusion. And as many people know, I feel China is in need of a good invasion. Weighing against Xeno is the fact that he lives in a different state and I would have to pay postage to send him the M&Ms.
On a personal note, I am concerned with the number of entries that included Canada, our gentle neighbor to the north. I have a deep respect for Canadians and respect their right to an autonomous existance. Conversely, I am pleased no one include France, another country I greatly enjoy, and one which I thought may end up on many lists. Thanks everyone for playing.


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it was rigged.

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