Sunday, January 29, 2006

A New Hope

Nell and I watched the first Starwars movie last night and it was quite a revelation. The revelation being that I had never seen the whole movie before. I had no recollection of seeing any part of the film prior to Obi-Wan and Luke meeting Han Solo in the bar on Tatooine! I was quite suprised. But I can now say I've seen every Starwars movie.

On a related note, the edition we watched was the newest edition with some added scenes and CGI thingies. I had heard a lot of criticism of Lucas for adding stuff to a film that's been in the can for decades, but having scene the results, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. The additions are very minor and fairly well done. The added scene where Han Solo talks to Jaba was quite good, I thought. Having seen Episode IV, I'm all for the tweaking of old movies, cineastes be damned.


Blogger Matt said...

Here's the main case against the additions in Star Wars 1, Episode 4. In the cantina, Solo's waylaid by Greedo, who's trying to collect the bounty that Jabba's placed on Han. In the original, Greedo tells Han that he's been waiting for this moment for a long time, and then Han shoots Greedo, drops a few credits on the bar, and says, "Sorry about the mess." Which was intensely cool.

In the new version, Greedo shoots at Han first. Despite being no more than a few feet away, Greedo misses, and Han then shoots Greedo.

In addition to this being ridiculous (Greedo misses?), it's annoying revisionism - it's made to soften up Han, to make him so nice that he'd only shoot when shot at, and not when his life was in danger. He's supposed to be a scoundrel and a thief, that's part of his charm, and the added Greedo shot really detracts from the movie.

Plus, the painting of Obi-Wan's house looks really dorky.

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Blogger Xeno said...

Some of the Star Wars changes are cool. I however really dislike how they digitaly took the guns out of the agent's hands in E.T.and replaced them with walkie talkies. I mean common...


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