Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Musings on the source of the previous post

So I guess now I'm posting something and then thinking about it some and then posting some more. So the reason I posted about Regis and Hasselhoff is that Nell and I were watching this show on NBC called "America Has Talent." (I think that's the title, but the "Has" might be wrong. It's definitely America _______ Talent)

It's basically American Idol but the contestants do all sorts of random crap. And you know what it reminds me of? Law school grading. The judges--Hasselhoff, Brandy, and some british guy--decide whether the contestants--jugglers, singers, balloon artists, etc.--will survive to the second round. Their decision-making process seems to be entirely random with absolutely no reference to the actual substance of the acts. Why they voted to advance the 60-year-old stripper and not the balloon guy I will never understand.

Which brings us to law school grading. I worked my ass off this semester. I studied more than 12 hours a day for weeks to prepare. I felt equally prepared for all my exams with the exception of my last exam, the subject matter of which was infinitely more difficult than the other classes and which I only had two days to devote to studying the material exclusively prior to the exam. My highest grade? The last exam of course. My lowest? The second. I'm not complaining of the overall result. I did fine and we're all going to die in fifty to sixty years anyway. But I just don't understand the difference in grades. If I had to guess going in, I would speculate that my grades would deviate by five points or less. I would be wrong.

The world is a crazy place full of crazy unpredictable people. I love Sleater-Kinney but I hate Bikini Kill. Hasselhoff hates juggling but loves rapping grannies. Crazy goddamned world.


Blogger Matt said...

So I think that the buzzers are a mistake - I mean, it's the trainwrecks that are fun to watch on these shows, and they cut them off way too early.

I loved the one juggler guy, tho, who got buzzed - "You don't know anything about juggling! I've won multiple major competitions!"

8:17 AM  
Blogger Nell said...

America's got Talent

4:14 PM  

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