Monday, July 03, 2006

Re-Learning Greek

So I came in to work, but I don't really have any work to do. Knowing this ahead of time, I brought with me "Athenaze: Book I" in order that I may re-learn ancient Greek, which I was never particularly good at to begin with. Without further ado, I present my translation of Chapter 2-a:

"Dicaeopolis comes out of the house and calls Xanthias. Xanthias is a slave; on the one hand he is strong, on the other hand he is lazy. For he does not work unless Dicaeopolis is present. Now he is sleeping in the house. And so Dicaeopolis calls him and says, "Come slave, Xanthias. Why are you sleeping? Don't be lazy, but hurry."

What an epic story. To really be appreciated, it must be read in its original greek,


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