Thursday, February 01, 2007

ATHF Attacks Boston

Here's an article about the situation from the Boston Globe. To summarize, one of the five greatest cartoons ever made, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, hired an advertising agency which in turn hired some Bostonian artist to engage in some guerrilla marketing on behalf of the show. The artwork/advertisements were lightbulbs arranged in the shape of Mooninites, who are amusing characters in the show, foul-mouthed and constantly raising their two-pixel-tall middle fingers at those who displease them. They are frequently driven off by Frylock. Master Shake will usually try to win their approval by sacrificing Meatwad.

So some culturally illiterate subway worker called the police and reported one of the small light displays as a bomb. Instead of investigating what in fact the device was, Boston officials shut down the city as the bomb squad spread throughout the city.

Long story short, the two artists responsible were arrested and arraigned for placing a hoax device and disorderly conduct. CNN and the New York Times have picked up on the language of the Governor, referring to the advertisements as "hoaxes."

This is absolutely ridiculous! Two guys are going to be prosecuted because a couple of old fogeys think that anything with wires and lightbulbs is a bomb???? And how many improvised explosive devices are covered in light??? This isn't a cheap sci-fi movie, people!!

As to the "hoax," this was not a hoax! The devices were installed in Boston as well as nine other cities. In none of the other cities did the mayor and police force decide it was necessary to shut down the city in order to protect the citizens from cartoon characters.

I know I'm jumping around some, but I am absolutely enraged about this. Have we really gotten to the point where an artist can be arrested because someone misinterpreted his art? Can I be sent to GitMo because someone thinks my iBook G4 looks like what they would imagine a bomb might look like? Am I making a hoax bomb if I create something that has a specific non-bomb purpose and is not a bomb and does not look like a bomb and I have no reason to think anyone will think it's a bomb? WTF is going on?

If these artists are prosecuted, the terrorists have won.


Blogger warm fuzzy said...

That is just rediculous! I almost don't believe it because the description of the scary bombs. It neither scary nor of bombs! That poor artist - if he gets 5 years on jail that is bullshit!

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