Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bunny Pictures

If you like bunny pictures, you should check this out. Incidently, I have a bit of a connection to the House Rabbit Society. I adopted one of my rabbits, Titan, from the Denver branch. The HRS is a great organization and they manage to help an incredible number of bunnies. Everyone should think about making a donation to support the cause. You can also volunteer to foster older rabbits. And, of course, I highly recommend adopted a pair. But beware, they can be destructive at times.


Blogger Matt said...

Those are some massively cute bunnies. I checked the fridge before I fed kitty, so I gave her the rest of that open can. Titan, incidentally, was a doll today. He didn't jump at me when I pet Lilly, and he even let me pet him without him snorting.

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