Friday, November 25, 2005

Last Night's Dream

So I had a dream last night that I was taking a final. CDawg was there and so was my brother (for some reason). The exam was proctored by Stephen Colbert and seemed to resemble an Evidence final. However, I distinctly remember that the class was taught by my first year Contracts professor (of whom I'm not fond). The test itself seemed to revolve around FRE 4, 5, and 6. These numbers, however, do not in reality correspond to any Federal Rules of Evidence. I remember feeling totally unprepared and I was freaking out a little. My anxiety was compounded by the fact that the exam room was incredibly loud. Colbert would occasionally interject a witticism or two from his show. I ended up having to reread the first paragraph of the exam eight times. Then I stood up and yelled at the whole room. They seemed unconcerned that I had just read the same paragraph eight times.

What really sticks with me after the dream is the feeling of panic and hopelessness at being totally unprepared for the test. And as the real exams are a little over a week away, this seems like a bad omen. There was a bright spot in the dream, though, when I found out that Prof. Bowtie (not Tax bowtie; Evidence and Jurisprudence bowtie) had linked to my blog on his personal website. He did not link to the name "Fish Frog Monkey Man," however. Instead he linked to my blog as "Beavis Theodore." Weird.


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