Saturday, December 03, 2005

Scientology Crop Circles

Photo Credit: Krqe-tv Photo

I was watching CNN Headline News today and they had a story about some massive circles etched on the ground in New Mexico. Apparently they are on a massive acreage owned by the Church of Scientology. A former member of the Church said in the interview that the circles were a sign to aliens of the location of a vault containing L. Ron Hubbard's super secret technology. Interestingly enough there is a huge house on the compound built into the side of a hill. Very vault-esque if you ask me. Church leaders say that the vault is a repository for Church writings. Here's a story from the Washington Post about the circles. I was going to post a picture of the compound, but I could not find one. The Church is notoriously protective of its pictures anyway, so it's probably best I couldn't find one.


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Damb those thaetons!

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