Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Expanding War on Christmas

The War has claimed another victim. Also, Media Matters has a transcript of Neil Cavuto's show on Fox News in which guest Bill O'Reilly gets riled up about the war. This is my favorite bit of his rant, in response to Cavuto's suggestion that Walmart needs to be tolerant because of its entry into overseas markets:

They don't have to say "Merry Christmas" in China, OK? They can say whatever they say in China, "Happy Winter." All right? "We like pandas." Say whatever you want.

Indeed, I agree with O'Reilly that when you enter a Beijing Walmart, the greeter should say, "We like Pandas." Maybe I'm being a overly sensitive here, but I think I'm picking up hints of racism, mixed in with some condescention, topped off with a smug sense of cultural superiority.


Blogger scarlet panda said...

Bill on nonchristians being told Merry Christmas: "maybe 1 percent are totally insane. They're nuts. They're the ones who are offended."

Bill on Christians being told Happy Holidays: "That offends millions of Christians, see?"

I fail to see how being offended by Merry Christmas can be insane if being offended by Happy Holidays is sane. Or maybe he's just saying that stores shouldn't cater to the 1% of people who are insanely offended by Merry Christmas when they could be catering to the much larger number of people who are insanely offended by Happy Holidays.

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