Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Brunch

After a pleasant hike this morning/early afternoon in Tryon Creek State Park, Nell and I were famished and decided to go to the nearby Daily Cafe for a bite. The Daily Cafe has the best food I have ever eaten in my entire life (that was not cooked by my mom, anyway). From here on out, anyone who comes to visit us in Portland and happens to be here on a Sunday will be required to accompany us to the Daily Cafe for brunch. It is like heaven (if there were a heaven, and if that heaven had delicious fresh-baked scones and muffins and griddlecakes).

Anyway, I just thought they deserved the good press that an endorsement on this blog brings. They might have to expand their seating with the flood of new patrons they're liable to have.


Blogger Nell said...

the ginger shortbread was outstanding...

10:35 AM  

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